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Tuomas Haapalehto, Rauli Perkiö and Henrik Lindberg from the Finnish Life project Light and Fire have spent two days in Västerås.

Light and Fire is a Finnish LIFE project covering the entire country where state-owned, private and company owned land are for the first time managed within the same project. Nature conservation burning is being carried out on coastal meadows, dunes, ridges, heathlands and other sun-exposed habitats. In addition, trees are being cleared around, threatened species transplanted and exotic species are being eliminated. The project started in 2014 and will continue until 2020.

The reason for the visit is that the Taiga project is planning to have a joint workshop with Light and Fire. The workshop will be held in October at Lammis Biology Station just west of Lahtis. The idea is that countries which currently do not undertake controlled burning for nature conservation as a management method will get the chance to learn more about it and discuss the benefits of burning for nature conservation.

As well as planning for the workshop, the guests were also taken on a trip to Hälleskogsbrännan Nature Reserve as well as to the equipment store.

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  • Tuomas Haapalehto från finländska Life-projektet Light and Fire.
  • Workshoppens planeringsmöte hölls i Västerås.
  • Rauli Perkiö från finländska Life-projektet Light and Fire.
  • Planering i full gång.
  • Projektledare för Life-Taiga är Niclas Bergius.
  • Light and Fires logga.
  • Workshoppen kommer att genomföras hösten 2016.
  • Studiebesök i naturreservatet Hälleskogsbrännan. Förvaltare Jan-Inge Tobiasson berättar om skogsbranden och naturreservatet.
  • Life-Taigas egna dalahäst.
  • Henrik Lindberg från finländska Life-projektet Light and Fire.
  • Fredrik Lundin, regional projektledare för Life-Taiga i Dalarnas län.
  • Life-Taigas biträdande projektledare Erik Andersson.
  • Andreas Wedman, regional projektledare för Life-Taiga i Gävleborgs län.
  • Planering av workshop.
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